Our Legacy

The Trade

“Pearl of the Indian Ocean” and formerly known as “Ceylon” widely regarded for its Spices all over the world. Also known as the Spice Island, Sri Lanka was historically attractive to the western nations for its spice riches. With regard to Cinnamon which is originated in Sri Lanka still holds its superiority among all the suppliers throughout the globe.

Lorenzo de Almeida and his fleet blown in to Sri Lanka in 1505. Even though it was not a planned journey that led to a Portuguese invasion. In that time they came to an agreement between Portugal and Sri Lanka that included a compliment of 110,000 pounds of Cinnamon paid each year to Portugal by the Sinhalese King.

One hundred years later the Dutch captured Sri Lanka and started cultivating Cinnamon systematically. Until their power surrendered by British in 1815 they have continue with the spice cultivation in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka gained independence from Britain in 1948, but Sri Lanka could not capitalize on that as the spice and Cinnamon industry driven in to a declining phase. In 1982 started a civil war in the country and that never helped the industry to recover.

The civil war was ended in 2009 and Sri Lanka started to grow fast on every industry where the locals and foreigners started investing heavily in Sri Lanka. Now the industries are rising, and commerce is flourishing. Then the government has done a commendable job in providing policy and facilitating to revitalize many of the war-ravaged industries, and in steering the country towards economic stability.

Our Company

In 1950’s at Makandura, a small town in the southern province of Sri Lanka, grandfather initiated a business in the mode of collecting local produce and distributing. For the time being 2nd generation took over the business in the name of D.C.Y Abeywardana and Sons, in 1974 and broaden its horizons by having a well-equipped collection center which could offer bigger amount of stocks to the giants of international trade handled in the capital city of Colombo.

Taking over the business from 2nd Generation today, we the 3rd generation has our own estates which are cultivating acres of local produce going into our own factory located at Kirinda, Southern Province, Sri Lanka.

The factory is accredited the certifications of ISO, HACCP and all the merits issued by the Export Development Board (EDB) of Sri Lanka to carry on the business since it has the capacity of offering the best quality local produce in any larger quantities to anywhere in the world with the help of most up to date machinery and well experienced staff.